More Testimonials

More Testimonials


Park Place Holdings LLC

Debra Gregg/ CEO

8306 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

(213) 738-8175


August 5, 2018


To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is written as a reaffirmation of what a delightful and rewarding experience it was and is to work with Kat Becker. Most recently I bought a fantastic building for which Kat was the broker. The building had been owned by the PTA since 1990.


Twenty-nine different women had to approve the sale and me as the buyer. Thanks to Kat's great aplomb with working with groups of people as well as single sellers, things could not have gone better. The building is built in the Grand Greek revival style and boasted the curb appeal needed for our real estate business. We were able to close escrow in a little over two months.


Thanks to her readiness with volumes of paper work regarding due diligence and everything else, things moved at lightning speed. Before I knew it, we had closed escrow and Kat had arranged a marvelous Champaign toasting

party with the sellers.


Kat Becker stands heads and hands above what I would

consider your garden variety real estate broker. She really cares and puts in the extra effort and consistent forging ahead that it takes to get the deal done.


Please feel free to contact me, should you want to hear more great things about this unique broker and excellent woman.




Debra Gregg

CEO Park Place Holdings LLC



To Whom It May Concern, 

Hello, my name is Dan Lee and a couple of years ago, my family and I were looking into moving into the Koreatown / Wilshire Park area of Los Angeles.  After interviewing other brokers, my wife and I decided to have Kat Becker represent us as our buyer’s agent.  I myself am also a registered Broker in California but do not actively use it for my personal purchases, as I prefer to use brokers that are active and know their markets well. 

Kat represented us during the process of purchasing the home that we live in now.  Prior to being in escrow, she was helpful in providing information about the home, neighborhood and comps.  She was very accessible, provided guidance on how to present the offer and communicated with the seller effectively.  Once under contract, she was very helpful in assisting and coordinating our third-party inspections.  When we realized there were issues with the fireplace and main sewer line, she was also very effective at facilitating and negotiating fair arrangement for both sides of the transaction.

It was a pleasure working with Kat, would use her again in a heartbeat (although we have no intention to move as we love our house!) and would absolutely recommend her services to someone either looking to purchase or sell their house.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (213) 200-0294.  


Dan Lee


Letter of Recommendation



To Whom This May Concern,

My name is Wayne Korn and proud to offer my recommendation

of Kathleen Becker to whom I have personally known for 8 years

as my Real Estate agent.


During my relationship with Kathleen I have experienced an

individual who shows up earlier than asked, works hard, and

carriers herself in a polite, respectable manner. In addition

Kathleen is a family-person who has always presented herself with

levelheadedness and grace.


Kathleen represented my mother and myself. Kathleen has always

impressed me with her knowledge and professionalism. Her

quality of care for her clients is exemplary. Due to her efforts I

accomplished all of my goals in selling my commercial property in

Los Angeles. I fully recommend Kathleen for any position she my

seek. I would not hesitate to have Kathleen represent me in the

future as she has gained my trust and respect. Please do not

hesitate to contact me if you should require any further information.



Wayne R. Korn

Telephone 714-897-5607




William and Carole Wagener

614 Pioneer Drive

Santa Maria, CA 90019



August 1, 2018


To Whom It May Concern:


As a fromer Real Estate Salesman in Los Angeles & Santa Barbara Counties, I speak with some authority [William Wagener].  Last year, we listed our property for sale on South Manhattan Place, in the middle of Korea town, with a Korean agent and then several agents with a Beverly Hills firm.  Both were sad disappointments.  Both firms brought offers with electronic signatures but none of their buyers performed in escrow  This was a total waste of our time and energy and we decided not to sell.




A year later we listed with Kathleen Becker,, for a firm price, highrer than the prior listing, “AS IS.”  Kathleen delivered with two different buyers FULL price and met all of our terms.  Our buyer even put 50k through to us at the beginning of escrow as per our lisitng terms.  Carole and I were very pleased because we then knew our buyer would not back out.  We were satisfied, even though the buyer needed an extension, and the sale via a 1031 exchange was successful.  We insisted on having our escrow firm in San Luis Obispo County with no electronic signatures, instead of using any L.A. escrow companies.  Kathleen helped us to receive higher than the listing price due to buyer requesting an extension.


Kathleen delivered as promised.  Kat Can Do is true.  Kathleen helped us to deal with an old issue with REAP which needed to be resolved to clear title.  She also knew the city regulations, inspections required and helped us to complete the work on the property by the end of the sale   This was very helpful to us as we live 150 miles away from the property.


If we had a property to list in L.A. again, we would only sell or buy only through Kat.  That says it all  Please do not hesitate to call us if you need at 805-928-1100.


William J. Wagener                                                Carloe L. Wagener



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